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Apr 30, 2012 · In the Delete Cells dialog, choose whether to move other cells left or right, or delete whole row or whole column. a row or column : Select the row or column (including the end of row mark for rows); from right click menu or from the Table menu, select Delete row(s) or Delete column(s) . (Pressing the DELETE key just deletes the cell contents.) Jul 28, 2019 · The important part is row.getAs[Seq[Row]](1). The internal representation of a nested sequence of struct is ArrayBuffer[Row], you could use any super-type of it instead of Seq[Row]. The 1 is the column index in the outer row. I used the method getAs here but there are alternatives in the latest versions of Spark. See the source code of the Row ... We’re trying to read in parquet files with sensor data. It’s a mix of analog readings and true/false values. Each parquet file contains 30,000 rows. It is taking the reader over 3 minutes to read each file. This is a problem because we are receiving new files every minute. Is there a way to speed up the parquet file reading process? Thanks, Stu