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Glusterfs fuse client consuming high memory - memory leak. 10/20/2018. I have set up my glusterfs cluster as Striped-Replicated on GCP Servers, but I am facing memory leak issue with Glusterfs fuse client. Nov 13, 2015 · Yep, a followup to my own message. I found that the same kid spliced into the wiring for the ST/TC circuit under the fuse block and installed a switch in the cab for it so he can simply flip the switch to open/close the circuit and theoretically disable/reenable the ST/TC with the flip of a switch. His test seems to show that it indeed works. Once set the crawler settings are automatically applied without the need for server restarts. NOTE: Data usage crawler is not supported under Gateway deployments. Healing. Healing is enabled by default. The following configuration settings allow for more staggered delay in terms of healing. Fuse Bits - Factory Setting. Compare these binary settings with the screenshot shown above to see if you understand the default settings.