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Therefore, Ni 2+ undergoes sp 3 hybridization to make bonds with Cl-ligands in tetrahedral geometry. As there are unpaired electrons in the d-orbitals, NiCl 4 2-is paramagnetic and is referred to as a high spin complex. KEY POINTS: [NiCl 4] 2-Hybridization:sp 3 [NiCl 4] 2- Shape & Structure: Tetrahedral [NiCl 4] 2- Magnetic nature: Paramagnetic ...The question is, is ammonia a good enough leaving group to effectively leave when the weak base water is the best base available. It is not! The difference between the eliminations of alcohols and amines in acidic solution is the poorer leaving group ability of ammonia than that of water (remember, ammonia is a stronger base; therefore a poorer ... Nov 10, 2020 · In which type of hybridization is the angle between some of the hybrid orbitals 180o? Check all possible answers. a. sp b. sp2 c. sp3 d. sp3d e. sp3d2